Breathe Yourself Into Euphoria

Inhale Relaxation and Exhale Negativity With Sharon Bodine

Realize Your Divinity and Amazingness Through My Wellness Services

Look within yourself to resolve your personal turmoil and achieve peace of mind with the help of Aeon Health and Relaxation. My team and I will assist you in relieving yourself of earthly possessions, societal pressures, and other burdens that keep you down so that you can take charge of your life and unlock your fullest potential.

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How I Can Help You

Experience enlightenment and rejuvenation that comes naturally from your own brain chemicals through my following services:



Chakra Alignment

Muscle Therapy

Take a Closer Look at RejuvOHM

This holistic healing technique teaches people to cut off the ropes to the metaphorical anchors that weigh them down. Whether they are being repressed by memories, societal labels, or other causes, practicing RejuvOHM will help these individuals become free from their sufferings so that they can take control of their lives and realize their best selves.

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A Glimpse at Aeon Health and Relaxation

Mission Statement

To help people find ultimate relaxation and live a harmonious lifestyle by assisting them in aligning their Chi (life force) and Ching (sexual energy).


Aeon Health and Relaxation aims to instill the concept of agape or unconditional love to clients so that they may discover the right path toward reawakening their truest self.


To provide a space where cherished clients can spiritually grow as one big happy family regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, class, or background.


About Your Meditation Facilitator Tantric Tutor

As the pioneer of RejuvOHM, I founded Aeon Health and Relaxation to motivate holistic healing within the hearts and minds of people. This endeavor was inspired by my experiences in raising my children. I want to teach my kids and my clients to be strong, courageous, honest, and faithful to their principles just like me. To do this, I help them feel safe and happy in all aspects so that they can achieve their peak potential.

Reach Out to a Relaxation Expert

For more information about my health and wellness services, feel free to contact me today. I will gladly respond to your questions and concerns.

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