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Breathe, Quiet thy Mind, Relax & Enjoy Each Moment

Different Services: Call to sign up, schedule Appointments, & for Rates.

All veterans, law enforcement, government officials/employees get 15% Discount!

All College Students get 20% Discount!

~RejuvOHM (Signature Style TM): Soothing Swedish, Esalen, Effleurage soft & fluffy muscular therapy integrated with guided Tantric Meditation & Chakra Energy Activation Alignment offering Epic Euphoric side effects of one's own natural half dozen healing brain chemicals. RejuvOHM is available in payments thus offering YOU the Epic session WHILE being able to afford it!

   Singles- $455. hour, $575. hour & half, $755 two hours

   Couples- $1130. two hours, $1335. three hours, $1554. four hours


~Group RejuvOHM: Perfect for intimate gatherings & corporate events or retreats! Integration of soothing beats, deep meditative breathing, sublime mantras & relaxing heat. Allow all thoughts & emotions that define oneself to fall away during this serene moment in rejuvenating time.

   Up to 7 people cost is $22. per individual. 8 or more people costs $17. per individual.


~Traditional Relaxing muscle melting Swedish, Esalen, Effleurage, soft & fluffy: 

   $165. for 90 minutes 

   $105. for hour

   $65. 30 minutes


~Deep Tissue Trigger Point Muscle Stripping Sports Therapy:

   $155. hour

   $205. 90 minutes


~Holistic Hydro-Healing Therapy: Intriguing rejuvenating blend of meditation to musical ballads in the safe space of a Sauna or Jacuzzi in the comfort of your own home or join me at my local community gym for the ultimate relaxation meditation station.

  $45. per hour individual one on one sessions

  Up to 7 people costs $32 per individual per hour. 8 or more people costs $22. per hour 


   Contact 848.444.7079 for individual one on one meditation Hydro-healing therapy



~Fakir: ReAwaken consciously via healthy sensory stimulation & subtle arousal of pain to transcend the pain body. When events one endures or has encountered weighs upon human being like anchors creating an emotional pain so much so that one cuts skin as an outlet of energy this is where that energy is guided to a more appropriate outlet such as learning the art of bondage with a friend or companion. People get tattoos, piercings, & suspend by hooks from their backs to outlet energies appropriately. These are examples of rising beyond the pain body consciousness ascension. There are epic euphoric sensory stimulating experiences one may have in order to channel emotional psychological pain into higher sublime bliss. Having a dominatrix come into your realm to offer vulnerability and healthy submissive practices is not only healthy but a life saver for many young adults and vibrant beings that NEED so badly to let go in healthy manners. 

   Call for details regarding Fakir Sessions


~Tantric Dance or Moving Meditation: Unification to Source energy Chi Kundalini Christ Consciousness is completely accessible through the art of NOT sitting still! Yup You read that right! You do not have to be still to meditate. Every place is the perfect place. 


Up to seven people costs 22. per individual and 8 or more costs 17. per individual 


Aeon Aims to provide optimum services for all clientele. Please do keep in mind there is NO SEX. This is an attempt to share ultimate truths with humanity & see people heal. Tantra is NOT & does NOT mean Sex and if you delve into the history of Tantra you will learn it is a holistic healing system that originated for India's Clergy to remain centered so to properly guide their beloved followers. Tantra is NOT & does NOT mean oral sex. No Exceptions.     

   Call for details. Where prices are not listed simply jingle or email to discuss. Love Spankings are Extra LOL


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