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Nice suite with professional massage table & spacious delux shower to use before therapy session.  
Sharon is a +-30 ish, personable, sweet, attractive, talkative, strawberry blonde with taatoos.
Session was a very interesting & exciting combination of TM, psycology, psychotherapy, sound effects, tantra-therapy, eastern mysticism, yoga, vibration therapy, breathing techniques, confession, etc. during the massage. Sharon is fully into the whole culture and gives a very intense introductory experience.
The best part was a ritual bathing in shower after all else to clean the massasge oil off.
Strictly thereputic & professional throughout the session. 3.2 two hrs.

I found my experience to be very interesting and eye opening. It was amazing how our bodies hold on to a lot of stuff that holds us back. Sharon  seems very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable during the whole process. Definitely will do it again. -Dan

Came in to a beautiful room And a beautiful person. Never felt like this ever in my life. Was there for only a hour but I will be going back for the two hour session. This goddess has a wAy to send you to the moon and back. -PLC

What a wonderful session!  This was my first experience with tantric massage and it won't be my last. Sharon is not only knowledgeable but gifted as well. Maybe the best two hours I've had in a long time. I highly recommend RejuvOHM. -Thom

Excellent! Definitely left me feeling changed for the better! Thank You Sharon! I will be taking this with me through my life! Felt tingles, warmth, & change throughout my sacral chakra, hands & feet. Definitely feel rejuvenated!  -Rachel McWeeney

I just wanted to say thank you. I am very grateful to have experienced a session with you out in Bloomfield, NM that I will never forget. It felt like I could fly for a few days! I hope you are doing great!   -Greg