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Similar to Baptism here in western culture-Tantra is a system of "Baptizing" or a symbolic holistic cleansing for purification, washing away or ridding of old energies. Tantra an eastern system for holistic balance of Chi & Ching both Life Force & Sexual Energies means to expand. Energy expansion, vibration, activation of energies, alignment/balance & appropriate release of said energies is in a nutshell what Tantra is all about.  

Tantra with RejuvOHM connects one to epitome of both Life Force & Sexual Energies without genital contact or hard core sexual intimacy. Anyone can double click a mouse and make something happen. Any body can willy wonk a wang and make it explode. Not just anyone can show you exactly WHAT TANTRA & REAL RELEASE TRULY is. This is my job and honor to share.

With the integration Triecta RejuvOHM offers its not only sensual & soothing but gives one a most intense spiritual full body orgasm without the dings & whistles many people are not comfortable with. There are a large majority of people on the planet that prefer to experience full blown Tantric Euphoria but also prefer the experience without compromising their conservative natures.

This here is where RejuvOHM (TM) comes in. You will learn various volunteered breathing techniques geared to not only enhance sensation stimulation & elongate wonderfully intense spiritual body orgasms but most important RejuvOHM (TM) will negate negative energies within the body & mind...Negative being the opposite of Ease= Negating Dis-Ease.  In the 1950's Buddhist Monks along with Medical Scientists did research, studies and practice concluding that Meditation and especially the Vibration Aum or AHH, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Aum Mani Padme Aum, Hallelujah, etc.  The vibration and meditation they proved was psychologically and emotionally, physiologically, physically healing and actually reverses the aging process!  So like how blonde was I to keep fretting about beauty and aging LOL...damn personality traits, programs, teachings.  

Aeon Health & Relaxation Corp is an omnipresent 'Movement' located in my beloved City of Angels.  My goal and duty to you with the utmost diligence, compassion and quality service throughout your session(s). We will Wake You Up Consciously with the system that works best for you. Whether you prefer RejuvOHM Inner Illumination, Comedic Consciousness Education, Path of Fakir, Yoga, Tantric Meditation, or Healing with Heat, Beats & water Aeon Health & Relaxation has it!



Polarity... Our perception of right & wrong, bad & good, love & hate etc teeter tottering perpetuating a completely black & white game resulting in more damage than care to admit. Certainly rational people may fathom the predicament arising from such subjectivity? Attachments to these ideals, people & possessions of what is according to our programs, influences or personality traits. We see this universally within all cultures only no-one dare to question where these traits stem from. Morality? Religion? Rules and regulations in accordance with what? So our reality tunnels state there is such a thing however, is it not on the same line so to speak only at opposing poles to this line are love and hate, virtuous and evil, white and black? Indeed it is. So we learn to rise above the ego attachments or what one has been taught to think in order to reside peacefully consciously in acceptance and neutrality. Obviously, there are events and actions taking place that doesn’t quite sit “right” within our mind and body. Yes indeed there are occurrences which happen out of one’s control. These happen due to ego attachments to ideals, people possessions etc. We are not an awakened species yet so there indubitably will be chaos until then. However, we must STOP identifying with our thoughts so to halt the negative repetition. Until then; here’s an example...Other than my blatant dorkiness...

It was spring time in Mississippi when doing cardio at the gym while observing CNN in the background.

Apparently a 15 year old gal was out with three friends wrapping houses with toilet paper when all of sudden the home owner begins chasing the teens in rural neighborhood at high speeds. There was a wreck. Three teens died. Her friends died and she injured as they plummeted head first into a tree. She was traumatized, angry, sad, regretful, and on the verge of losing many years of her life to prison. Had she not already lost her friends in this tragic affair?

The parents of the deceased wanted justice as they no longer had the advantage of a hug from their kids and this girl survived so the only answer-punishment. The parents of the injured girl obviously were opposed to the idea of sentenced to jail for it was an accident. I had an epiphany that day when contemplated what was observed on our so called news in this country. I realized bad and good, right and wrong were on the same line only the one’s looking subjectively at the situation cause the adjustment to the balance of the line whether it be more bad or more virtue, more black or more white.

We see the chaos rising currently due to perpetual religious fear & flawed programming causing fundamentalists to express their hatred & subjective identifications towards those that do not fit within the parameters of Ancient Holy Books all of which have been tampered with by ego driven humans.  Tell me something here...when WILL Humanity Re-Awaken to embrace A New Way of Living & Thinking? When will Humanity allow for a love so immense that our concern is for Human Race to become best of its potential for Human family, nature, the planet & all it encompasses? 

My question…when will we Wake Up to Grey?

Meditation & Orgasm 

Breathing is an instinctual involuntary body function. However, focused breathing or meditating is not and takes practice to achieve perfect concentration. Concentration inevitably leading to true change in consciousness one’s perception of the world and the understanding of oneself and ones place in the universe. From intimate encounters, public speaking, a tattoo or piercing, emotional trauma or even an immediate threat to oneself or loved ones, breathing is essential.

Many have the misconception that an orgasm is a physiological ejaculatory release (for both male and female) when this is simply the result of orgasm if necessary to occur. Pure energy accumulated from focused breathing thrust throughout the body is the causation of intense head to toe tingles and sporadic numbness as if an electrical transformer was pulsating 120V from belly out to the very tips like undulating waves of heaven! This is ORGASM and it does not have to be attained through debauchery, genital contact or anything other than focused breathing and subtle arousal. So, great news to all those teens, singles & married folk not having sex or looking to spice it up. Now is the time to expand one’s horizons past the taboos and inhibitions:-) Experience the Epitome of your body's Energies Potential with RejuvOHM (TM)!

Pranayama Breathing

Sanskrit for restraint of breath made up of two words Prana-Vital energy and life force; Yama-Discipline, Control.  The science of Breath control.  All of which are intimately instructed throughout the session(s). This is a vital connection to people experiencing the epitome of their body orgasm.

Mantra-A sound, syllable, word or group of words considered capable of transformation.  The Mantra also assists with quieting the mind of the incessant random thoughts.

Ascending Consciousness

Waking Up Consciously with A.H.R. is an aspect of life too few are aware of and participating in. For there would be minimal to no wars, famine, poverty, subjective thinking attached to ideas of how things should be or shouldn’t be with the whole black and white game Alan Watts speaks of throwing us from right to wrong, bad to good, love and hate, etc. We straddle the pendulum like a horse rather than allowing it to flow from Positive to Negative or what is really simply Back and Forth energy like an exciting Fair ride.

The ego’s attachments to People, Possessions and by far one of the most dangerous Ideals cause massive suffering, drama, trauma, chaos and destruction. The object is to live our lives according to preferences rather than the addictions of desires, needs and wants relieving one from the internal egoic prison. With Aeon Health & Relaxation Corp in City of Angels the keys to the doors of perfected perception are for your unlocking.  Discovering and delving into dynamic surrealism ultimately unveiling the beauty and Truth of who you really are above and beyond the addictions of the ego liberated from suffering is our Honor & Duty to Humanity & indeed the Planet.



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