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Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra-Sahasrara-located at the top of the skull. Attained through psychological maturation and spiritual blossoming. Here one knows without a doubt they are one with the all and everything combined with the energies of the universe again. We are no longer played like poor fool puppets to the ego

There is balance, peace and tranquility where one has risen above and beyond the ego and its pesky attachments and convictions keeping us segregated from ourselves and each other. Here lies Heaven and it awaits you to grab hold of the keys to unlock doors to higher spiritual realms free from suffering



Brow Chakra 3rd Eye Pineal Gland-Anja

 Located in middle of forehead a tad above the brows.  Provides energy for inner contemplation & meditation, the gifts of spiritual reflection & redemption are keys to salvation.  Psychological maturation, ethical & philosophical principles giving one the ability to explore expanding both within & allowing for the digestion of all that surrounds us.  Anja offers wisdom of fathoming oneself with the strength to change unnecessary pesky programs.  Both hemispheres of the brain begin operating simultaneously with rationale & creativity producing a harmonious perception of life & all it entails.  Third Eye is concerned with formulating in ones life physically, emotionally & mentally our reality to harness dynamic vitality implementing & manifesting dreams.  We become aware of what really is True & False due to life education thus far.  This is activation vortex of higher spiritual intelligence, wisdom, Truth & the opening door to Higher Spiritual Consciousness.  Affirmation that one is the center of one's Universe thus allowing the advantage & blessing of inner strength, courage & the ability to dictate who one is & where one is going in this ocean of chaos.  Similar to a mechanic rebuilding fixing an engine Anja allows one to delve within altering flawed programs rebuilding re-structuring re-wiring the psyche to be the best of one's potential as human...mechanics of the mind we are.  One discovers as the mind becomes strong the body too gains resilience & healing powers.   Exercise is a wonderful tool to accumulate one's lovely natural chemical endorphins a happy drug so humanity has the option of not relying on man made substances such as Zoloft, Valium, or Xanex which harbor dangerous side effects often worse than the chemical "imbalance" in the first place.  Furthermore humans would lack these "imbalances" if the FDA & government establishments make responsible moves to eliminate Hydrogenated oils, MSG's, & various toxins in the food as well as environment.  Tis truly Mind over Matter.      







Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra-Vishuddha-located at inner and outer throat also affecting our auditory sense. Oh, is this my favorite of all Chakras. Almost. The expression of ones self, working towards communicating one’s will, honesty and choice, freedom of expression and the ability to practice this God given right.

This being where my ego’s attachments led me into hurdles, jail threats, and high speed pursuit ending like a scene on COPS. The point being to let go of those attachments. Integrity and creativity are characteristics of Vishuddha. An unbalanced Throat Chakra is dishonest with oneself or others. According to esoteric teachings is called the “mouth of god” the gateway to spiritual ascension. Referring to the medulla oblongata on the back of the neck and lowest part of the brain where higher spiritual energy channels. If one experiences trauma, dysfunction, emotional neglect lacking to release or let go of those energies or memories through acceptance in the Heart Chakra, Vishuddha will become paralyzed.

Through substance abuse of all kinds legal or not this chakra will shut down when it very well may be an imperative time to speak up and or take action in doing so in our lives. Directly affecting our communication linked to personal integrity and honor throat chakra influences the way people perceive us. Some consequences of unbalanced malnourished throat chakra are diminished energy, fatigue, dissipation, weakness. Unfortunately the true self gets lost in the cacophony of lies, noise, background external stimuli polluting our auditory system. Tuning into our higher self the truth of who we are assists in accumulating and conserving will power for challenges that matter. Vishuddha demands a willingness to overcome fear of speaking out preferring to act psychologically responsible and emotionally mature. Get comfy with Truth. It takes massive utter Truth to replenish this Chakra. Then one may communicate ones Will.


Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra-Anahata-located at none other than the wonderfully beating heart. The Heart Chakra represents higher emotional center, love, compassion, acceptance, unconditional love, forgiveness etc. We mature with time (well, some do anyhow) requiring less external sustenance becoming nurturers for others spreading love to external rather than feeding internal. Kind, gentle, nourishing, compassionate, warm and loving are all aspects of a balanced Heart.

The right to love and be loved are attributed here as well so most definitely allowing the release and understanding of our love life energies is imperative to healthy progressive relationships. All relationships are worthy of balance, love and ease. The Heart has only the drive to Love. Is content pouring that agape out to nature as green peace activist, animals, macrocosmically loving the entire universe and all it encompasses or simply shedding immeasurable adoration unto our families, friends or even strangers. We are born of pure Agape.

All negative emotions (yes, indeed what we’d label as positive) are taught by external influences thus forming in our minds another’s view of reality. Being born of love we shall return to that “innocent, pure” state of being closer to love unconditional. Allowing oneself to Let Go of ones attachments to ideals of who and what they are becoming one with all and everything again. Love.

Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra-Manipura-located obviously at solar plexus region above the stomach near upper ribcage. This Chakra regards aspects of lower emotional center, courage, trust, change and aspects of self-esteem. Dealing with instinctual gnosis, fathoming who we are from the labels of identification one puts upon oneself. Here we learn to unveil the masks burying our true nature keeping us segregated and under the impression, we are “individual” rather than many.

We begin to realize the image we maintain to keep respect of people, acceptance, approval etc is façade keeping us from spiritual liberation. We must let go and allow ourselves the freedom of knowing we are enough just as we are without the plethora of programs churning and yearning to impress or be the best or wherever our prideful ego’s take us. Just Be. Allow the simple fact that we are breathing and alive to comfort us.


Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra-Svadistana-located a couple inches below the navel at the lower belly. Here lies all programming concerned with sexuality, relationships whether business or personal, creativity. When Svadistana is balanced one is neutral to all sexual encounters rather than controlled by sexual center leaving one free from lust, temptation, jealously, obsessive ness and greed etc.

Aspects of pleasure and sensation, health and well-being, abundance and the lessons learned from-“the path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom”. Our organism similar to most all life energies blossom or expand with pleasure or positive energy and wither or shrink with pain, suffering and negative energy.

We must observe our perception of sexuality, sensuality, abundance and pleasure in order to fathom who we are so we may become the best of our potential as humans including balancing wants and needs so one may live life according to preferences rather than addictions.


Root Chakra

Root Chakra-Muladhara-located at the perineum between anus and genitals at the base of the spine. Represents or concerned with grounding, survival, security, continuity of existence as well as one’s family’s, all necessary for a viable existence.

Root Chakra is where primary imprinting moulding our reality tunnel is formed. From our cultures

influence, education, religion, business matters regarding security, to our internal seismograph detecting personal attacks or even domestic terror attacks. Here in lies the ability to DO things regarding business, work, taking care of one’s family etc or administering our life force energy.