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I'm silly & love life a great deal. I love life so much that as a holistic therapist it breaks my heart to observe & endure events in life that would fall under the category "suffering". Not only to bare witness to turbulence within human species but to have first hand persevered those roller coaster rides. Not only to directly be affected by those bumpy roads but to hold clearly the realization of why & how the human species endures injustices & how to halt such nonsense. So, if you haven't guessed by now...I am a political activist as well. I'm working on becoming a stand up comedian. Cuz somehow I've gotta find a way to make the unsavory events in life SAVORY. Not only savory but I'm gonna need you to buy the ribs when you come watch me perform at Stress Factory. It's just the way it is. Like if I was going to dance for you the club would need you to buy a two drink minimum. The ribs are great. You'll love em. Unless you're a vegan. Comedy. I'm also a singer, rapper, lyricist. If only I knew how to behave with the mic. Comedy. You wanna know about me I'm gonna let you know. I love puppies, kitties & Zootopia. I have a dream. And it scares me. So my muses should be thrilled. wanna know about the muscular therapy & such. I began my journey with massage when the recession hit in 2008. There were no electrical jobs so my career had to change. Muscular therapy is one of the most relaxing soothing professions & like sculpting art. I graduated from American Institute in Tom's River on Dean's List & passed the nationwide MBLEX Feb, 24th, 2018. I love the option of muscular therapy for clients due to its healing holistic approach to balancing human body & soul/psyche. The integration of muscular therapy with guided Transcendental Tantric Meditation & chakra energy activation alignment also originated during that time beginning with the name Hypno-Cleansing then RejuvOgasm & now what is called RejuvOHM. 

RejuvOHM/Ogasm is an epic "Ride" you’ve never heard of, encountered or felt before. O.k. So, You've heard of it. But only cuz I just told you. Now me dears, these systems have birthed or originated due to the experiences I learned & expanded from. If you wanna connect to a half dozen natural healing chemicals while you're receiving a super epic massage then you are in the right...web-SPOT...? Webcicle, spiderweb, You're in the right place indeedydoodle. 

Subjects of continuous study since adolescence consists of Economics, Social sciences, Politics, History, Comparable Religions, Theosophy, Theology, Philosophy, Brain Change, Psychology, Consciousness Ascension via various Meditative practices such as Transcendental meditation. Various Yoga practices, Fathoming the Ego, Balancing ego, Anatomy, Holistic Medicines, various Massage therapies such as Swedish, Esalen and Trigger Point. Psychedelic research and practices, Spiritualism, Hermeticism, Ancient Civilizations, Dark Ages and other Ancient Ages, Evolution, Hebrew and Greek, System of Tree of Life, Hypnotherapy, Esoteric and Exoteric mysteries, Gnosis. I've played many roles on this planet from commercial journeyman electrician, industrial carpenter to erotic dancer after the recession hit and I no longer had an electrical career. Roles I love playing now from performing comedy, acting and singing to being a mom:-) Inventing and spreading Rejuvogasm/RejuvOHM, peaceful political activist and experiencing new adventures are all delicious passions of mine. Now grateful to be serving East Coast you may find me in Point Pleasant, NJ!

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