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RejuvOHM Rejuvenate & Breathe Yourself into Euphoria

Travelling Massage Therapy


Sharon Bodine RejuvOHM Queen Travelling Massage Therapist Come to YOU in the comfort of your Home, Office, Hotel :-) Or Meet at the Gym for Epic Hydro Therapy RejuvOHM, Park or beach.

Essence of Aeon Health & Relaxation is ultimate relaxation for body & soul i.e.psyche/mind  thus providing a lifestyle change via connection back to Chi Life Force.


Humans are taught to be attached & clutch to ideologies, possessions & people. However, humanity is not educated upon mainstream how to connect & clutch to Life Force Chi Qi or how to understand precious potent sexual energies for ultimate balance & healing. 


Sharing Agape, Connection to Source Life Force, Understanding, Compassion, Consciousness & Optimum Relaxation with valued clientele. Genuine human love with Aeon is activating our clients Chi allowing for natural stress conquering oxytocin, seratonin, melatonin, endorphins, GABA, Dhea via RejuvOHM session.  

AHR Vision is to provide a national and international home environment for our valued clients to grow spiritually, consciously, intellectually, emotionally, and sexually. Sexual growth occurs with educational understanding. Ignorance & repression has caused this potent energy to become perverted as opposed to utilized for healing & healthy harmonious flow. Due to fact that species is already familiar with base chakra release RejuvOHM focus' on showing you how to activate epitome of energy & ascend it upward to TRUE RELEASE. Everyone knows base genital release. Do you know TRUE Release though which makes base release look like child's play & is attainable without genital manipulation?

Aeon values Positive affirmations, learning and embracing Will Power and spreading unconditional love like a phenomenal plague.   

With RejuvOHM (Trademark) we are simply accumulating & balancing one's own Euphoric healing energies.  Very cool.  Totally safe.  All YOUR Energy I'm simply facilitating the experience of Re-connection.  An accumulation of energies via super duper simple amazing methods!  Super Fun & Healthy.  Not to mention these special systems have been proven to be real incessantly by folks such as Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, & in the 1950's to present day the Buddhist Monks & Medical Scientists.  Life is not supposed to be lived to work then die.  Every moment has potential of Euphoric experience!  

Are you stressed out from the mundane every day rat race?  Are you holding onto emotional attachments from the past?  Are you experiencing pain in mind, body or/and soul?  Are you curious about your sexuality and have no one to communicate openly with?  Are you shy and yearning for strength?  Are you afraid and ready to let go:-)?  Are you ready for Harmonious Change?     

This extremely EPIC Meditative Experience literally saved my life bringing euphoria everyday while tapping into my favorite energies!  Courage. Confidence. Optimism. Strength. Tenacity. Perseverance. Motivation. Persistence. The ability to achieve & conquer as much of one's souls dreams & aspirations as possible. The ability to become the best of one's optimum potential!   

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Located in Lovely City of Angels!

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Aeon Health and Relaxation

The Health and over all Relaxation therapies and services available for people are beneficial however incomplete as each modality is utilized in particular by itself. What one must ask oneself is…what is truly necessary for the Psychological, Physiological, Physical, Spiritual Health and Relaxation for people. Mind, Body and Soul if you will; expanding our minds to a Healing Practice that integrates several techniques combined into one blissful transcendent experience. Everyone is so vastly different. Every session is different.

About me

With Sharon, your Relaxation Technician founder of Aeon Health & Relaxation, you will receive the utmost compassion & attention, love & understanding, persevering & expanding intellect,..........